Top 3 Ways To Make Him Love You Like Crazy

3 Tips To Create Long-Lasting Love With Men

By Clayton Max, The Author of Infatuation Scripts

Are you falling head over heels for that special guy ? Is your heart filled with love and desire for him, but you’re not sure exactly how to demonstrate it?

Perhaps you’re worried that he will find you too overbearing and pull away , or maybe you’re expecting he’ll fall into another woman ‘s heart .

Whatever the situation , try these three sure-fire techniques to help him experience a strong , burning need for you and YOU alone .

1. Slowly Work Your Way Into His Life

Many women begin with the idea that men want to have sex with a date as soon as they can . Yet from my experience , I found that you’re most likely to build long-lasting love by being good friends with him first .

I know that might seem counter intuitive because this could get you assigned to the “Friend Zone”. Yet the suggestion here is to not hop in the sack with him as soon as possible but build a stronger desire and artfully draw it out a little .

The fact is , the majority of men want the wonderful torture of the “slow burn”.

When done well , you can keep up this dance until his craving reaches a point that he can not remain being ‘just close friends ‘ with you any longer .

He’ll want to escalate the relationship to a more romantic level.

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2. Win Him Over With Words

A deeper relationship is born when we have the habit of connecting in a gentle , loving way .

Of course, in every-day life it doesn’t always work like this , especially when disagreements pop up .

Although for the most part, a relationship prospers when the focus is more on words of affirmation than animosity or argument .

That’s the reason why a man is more likely to respond lovingly to a partner who acknowledges his strengths and affirms them with words of affirmation .

For example , you can compliment him on how dashing he looks in his brand-new jeans , and even the way he can easily recite so much movie trivia .

List down the qualities you admire in him, and make sure to acknowledge them .

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3. Use The Right Body Language

Maybe you’ve noticed the way some lovers seem to perfectly complement each other ? I’m speaking about how they finish one another ‘s sentences or already understand what the other person is feeling without saying a single word .

You may have seen this occurrence in happy partners , whether it’s your friend or colleague with her partner or your grandparents. When they appear to just have a connection on a deep, unstated level .

In order to mimic that quality and set the stage for you and your partner , it’s good to begin with body language, gestures, and mannerisms .

Of course , a long-lasting relationship requires you to develop a life-story through shared experiences and so on . But matching his expressions and mannerisms , for instance , can be a great way to put down the groundwork .

As an example , when you’re on an adventure together and he is enjoying your company , he might have a smiling, happy look on his beautiful face.

In this moment you would mirror the illumination of his expression and, subconsciously , that is going to allow you to create a subconscious emotional synergy with him. It’s nothing but remarkable , and it will absolutely feel magical .

The moment you begin doing these strategies , you are going to begin moving your relationship on a far better path . Use these as habits you can take as part of your day-to-day routine , like going to the market or making deposits at the bank .

You’ll notice that soon , your connection will be abundant with love and you’ll have a lot of it to go around for decades to come .

Furthermore , did you know that you can also whisper a few specific phrases to him and make him instantaneously love you even HARDER? It sounds insane , however there is a combination of words that will literally change a male ‘s emotional state and produce burning feelings of passion for you.

The fact is that it’s based on an odd psychological principle . Any girl can apply this through a combination of specific words that will create a powerful effect on the way he considers you.

It’s almost like re-wiring his brain so that he can’t picture spending the rest of his life with anybody else but you. Honestly , it’s a degree of devotion that’s almost scary.

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